What better way to learn about our alpacas than engaging in a hands-on feeding session and touching their glorious soft fibre. 

Learn all about alpacas from an educational and business perspective for students by learning about the value of farming alpacas in Ireland. Why they are different from other forms of livestock farming, their requirements to live in the changeable weather of Ireland and what makes them so special. 

At the end of the tour students can gain an insight into what is involved in getting the fibre in the field to a finished product. See and feel the products from our Farm to Fashion range while learning all about the history of alpaca fibre that goes back thousands of years to Incan times. Alpaca fibre is sustainable, renewable, buttery soft and one of the world's most earth friendly fibres. 


We can tailor your visits to the topics you would like to cover and age group. Trevor (the owner) personally does each tour and he will provide an informative talk and answer any questions that may arise.  We can cover the following topics on your visit;

Business and business diversification 
Natural fibres
Animal husbandry and general farming practices
Animal handling - students can get hands-on and must be 12 years + (smaller group numbers under 12)
Wellbeing and Team Building 

Alpacas are easier to handle than other livestock and with their docile and curious nature children and adults alike find them very calming to be around.


Because animal welfare comes first and the alpacas are the heart of our farm we prefer larger groups to be split. Too many people can overwhelm our alpacas and it gives our land time to rest and recover between groups. 
Group Size: We can host up to 25 students per tour.
Visiting Times: You can visit us any time of the year.
Farm Facilites: Wheelchair access but no toilet facilites on site 
Note: A safety talk is always provided before the start of each tour.  

Contact us with your school group enquiry and let us know if there is anything we can do for you.

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or call Trevor on +353 (0) 85 247 2483


An excellent addition to any school day activity, students are offered an insight into farming alpacas in Ireland.